We offer two main categories of seed mix; annual and perennial. Each has its pros and cons.


Annuals are quick to germinate, quick to flower and provide a long-lasting display of colour impossible to beat for sheer ‘wow’ factor. The downside is that they generally need to be re-sown into disturbed ground at the start of each year.


Perennial mixes have a shorter flowering season and are more subtle in the range of colours they provide, but have the advantage that they only need to be sown once.


Annual mixes lend themselves to use in flower beds and planters, whereas perennials can be used to create a more permanent vegetation type similar to a conventional ‘meadow’. But these are just guidelines; in practice, the two can be interchanged or even mixed. There are no rules! And remember - all our mixes are perfect for pollinators.

5g, 100g and 1kg packs are available in our shop. Other quantities are available on request - get in touch to discuss your requirements and bulk discounts.

For sites where non-native species are inappropriate, we can offer a range of UK-sourced, native species seed mixes appropriate to your situation and geographical location.



NB - in the interests of saving the planet, we may sometimes reuse old packaging to dispatch your order.

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