The Bee Book

The Bee Book offers startling insights into the lives of bees and shows how we can best support and benefit from their presence in our gardens and hives. Marvel at the industry and intelligence of bees, the turbulent life of a queen and the remarkable properties of honey. This book includes recipes for simple home remedies and beauty treatments using honey, wax and propolis, such as a honey and clay facial mask, or a sunburn lotion.


Follow our step-by-step guides to create bee-friendly spaces such as bee 'hotels', read about beekeeping, harness the power of honey for your wellbeing and guard the future of the bee.


Our own Steve Alton wrote the section on gardening for pollinators.

Fact sheets


Urban Greenspace

Transport Corridors

Industrial Sites



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Relevant for all involved in agriculture and

horticulture, including farmers, growers, landowners,

estate managers, contractors and farm


Relevant to all gardeners (town, city and rural). See also The Bee Book, above.

For Local Authorities and others who manage green

space in an urban setting. This sheet is aimed at

those managing public or communal green space.

This information sheet is relevant for road and rail

managers and contractors, as well as planners

and developers

Relevant for managers and contractors dealing with

green spaces on industrial sites, and water and other

utility or industrial companies who own post-industrial

and brownfield sites.

Relevant for farmers, landowners, estate managers,

contractors, woodland and forestry managers

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A series of information sheets produced by Defra as part of the National Pollinator Strategy. Please feel free to download.